Welcome to Kiranico, a data reference for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Site Update

March 2014

So it's almost been a year since we launched Kiranico for MH3U. First off we'd like to thank Monster Hunter community for their support this past year. It has really motivated us to do fun projects like these.

The previous owners no longer actively maintain the site so I've been handed the reins to keep things running. While the old site worked fine from a user's view, the old underlying code was hard to work with (e.g. adding new features also added bloat).

So we decided that it would be better in the long run to rewrite it from the ground up. While most of the site is fine it's just the little details that require polishing (which I will be doing for the time being).

With the improved navigation you'll be able to reach any page of the site with one action either via the search box or the side navigation.

To get to a specific monster, map, item, weapon, quest or armor page via the search box hit tab to focus on it and then start typing. When you see the page you want in the suggestions, use the arrow key to highlight it, hit enter and it will take you straight to that page. However if you hit enter while focused on the search box it will perform a text search on the database. Works similarly on mobile but the user experience is not as good.

The color theme is called Spacegray, something I've been using on my text editor while working on this site. I used it as a prototype and kind of just stuck with it as the final theme because I couldn't come up with a better one. It's easy on the eyes if you like to browse in the dark.

Lastly, thanks to those that have been reporting issues to us. They've been a great help for catching errors. I've done a quick summary of some popular issues that couldn't be resolved below:

Where are the images for weapons and armors?

Without a doubt this is number 1. The owners told me that they originally approached sites that already had these images for permission to use them. Well you can guess how that turned out.

Some of you guys have even offered your time to screen capture them which was pretty generous but replicating these sites is a huge time sink. Especially when you can simply visit them instead. Personally I'd like to have images so there's a chance I'll take a look at it when I'm free.

X is wrong.

Ping was kind enough to allow us to use his database which we are very grateful for but it is not perfect. As of writing this, the 3DS has not been exploited which means all data for MH3U originates from a secondary source (apart from the game itself): the Japanese official guide book. The guide does not document end game monsters and download quests so figures on those are estimated or left blank.

Off the top of my head, the only place where we use data from previous installments are the weapon moves and status tolerances. Take those with a grain of salt.

Can you add Y?

We only add stuff that's crucial to the game. We don't do guides or anything like that. Try the wiki instead.

Can you translate the site to Z language?

Same situation with images. 80% of our visitors are from the US and most people play the NA version. I rewrote the site so that it could be internationalized but I ended up abandoning the implementation halfway because it was too high maintenance.


Are they seriously calling it MH4U?

If the 3DS is exploited by that time then maybe. I'll keep this site up and running but most likely I won't be adding new features before polishing things first (at least until momentum for the series picks up again).