MH4U Custom Quests clarifications

With the recent discovery of custom quests for MH4U, while received generally positively I want to address some issues head on first:

Without a doubt this would be somewhat of a controversial topic, so to clarify a couple of things I will firstly explain some of the inner workings of custom quests:

The entire online infrastructure of MH4U consists of 4 parts: DLC, Lobbies, Multiplayer and Friendlist.

Custom quests are possible because we emulate our own DLC server and in turn distribute our own content. This server is coded from the ground up through guesswork of what the official DLC server can do. We do not have access to Capcom's servers (hence we do not run any code on them). The engineer behind this (dasding) has designed the custom DLC server to take care of everything itself. It is independent and does not interact with Capcom's DLC servers by any means. I do not support an implementation that utilizes another parties resources and I would drop support effective immediately if it ever does. Each DLC quest is stored as a configuration file, we simply write our own and send it over to the user when it is requested. I strongly believe people should be able to generate their own content for the games they paid for.

Lobbies and multiplayer is done over UDP by P2P between players. The Friendlist is handled by Nintendo. We do not tamper with any of these and none of them pass through our custom server since they use a different protocol.

The second concern is the by-product of custom quests: cheating. While I encourage players to progress through the game naturally, cheating will happen regardless and I can only ask those who do to be responsible and mindful of other people's experiences online. Custom quests are nothing new to the Monster Hunter community, reception has been fairly positive with concerns of abuse. Again the reception this time was no different than the past. To combat abuse (let's take MHP3rd for example), the quest editor was programmed with restrictions on what quest configurations were possible. I agree with this approach and will be adopting it. Personally I believe custom quests should leave as little impact as possible (no rewards, empty supply chests and zero HR points) but the restriction specifics should be a community decision.

Thirdly, I want to clarify my involvement in this. I do not own any of the code regarding custom quests and the credit goes to dasding as he did much of the legwork to get it working. I assisted by providing information regarding the quest format and helped with testing. He wanted custom quests to be seen in a positive light and I agreed to help regulate it.

The first batch released was just a proof of concept to survey the community reception. A lot of R&D time was sunk into this and I needed an indication if it was feasible to invest more time into this. To my critics: I respect your opinions and even agree on some points but I can't make everyone happy. It's a wasteful pursuit in trying to do so. I built this site because I like to tinker, take things apart to see how they work and push the boundaries of what's possible. Custom quests are no different but my opinion should be treated equally like everyone elses and it is up to the community to decide on what should happen next. Other individuals have already discovered partial inner workings of custom quests, I can sit by idly and watch it get abused but knowing the risks this puts me under I still chose to take action first through regulation in good faith.

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