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Damage Chart

Region Cut Impact Shot Fire Water Ice Thunder Dragon Dizzy
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Region Cut Impact Shot Fire Water Ice Thunder Dragon Dizzy
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Abnormal Status Initial Increase Max Duration Damage Reduction
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Item Drops


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Quest Appearances


Port 1 Harvest Tour: Deserted Island
Port 1 Playing with Fire
Port 1 Wyvern Conservation
Port 2 Cull The Herd
Port 3 Harvest Tour: Deserted Isle
Port 3 Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
Port 3 Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
Port 3 Harvest Tour: Misty Peaks
Port 3 Reel in a Rathian
Port 3 The Omen
Port 3 Splash Damage
Port 3 Purple Reign
Port 3 Mud Brothers
Port 3 Bye-Bye, Bloom
Port 3 Ludroth Lament
Port 3 [Canteen] Grab a Gobul!
Port 3 Pink Queen of the Peaks
Port 3 Noisy Neighbor
Port 4 Harvest Tour: Tundra
Port 4 Harvest Tour: Volcano
Port 4 Unwanted Visitor
Port 4 The Desert Gourmand
Port 4 Four Horns
Port 4 The Fisherman's Fiend
Port 4 [Canteen] Fishing Failure
Port 4 Snowball Fight
Port 4 Frost Bitten
Port 4 Shocking Development
Port 4 Tumble on the Tundra
Port 4 The Lost Expedition
Port 4 The Volcano's Fury
Port 5 Midnight Madness
Port 5 Desert Storm
Port 5 Desert Desertion
Port 5 Echo Location
Port 5 Bedevil a Deviljho
Port 5 Dancing Flames
Port 5 [Canteen] End of the Roads
Port 5 Azure Attack
Port 5 Narg at Nite
Port 6 Harvest Tour: Deserted Isle
Port 6 Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains
Port 6 Harvest Tour: Flooded Forest
Port 6 Harvest Tour: Tundra
Port 6 Harvest Tour: Misty Peaks
Port 6 The Cherry Blossom Queen
Port 6 The Green Flash
Port 6 Deserted Island Dustup
Port 6 Island Warfare
Port 6 Rathian's Wrath
Port 6 Avenge the Fallen Hunter
Port 6 Sand Storm
Port 6 Playing with Fire
Port 6 The Desert Gourmand
Port 6 Splash Damage
Port 6 Monster Fisher
Port 6 Bye-Bye, Bloom
Port 6 Supply Constraints
Port 6 The Fisherman's Tale
Port 6 When the Levy Breaks
Port 6 Axe to Grind
Port 6 Accident Investigation
Port 6 Command Performance
Port 6 Snowball Fight
Port 6 Bump Off Barioth
Port 6 Erratic Electricity
Port 6 Thunder on the Tundra
Port 6 Operation: Poison Control
Port 6 [Advanced] Ludroth Ambush
Port 6 [Advanced] Raging Queens
Port 6 [Advanced] Plesioth Pains
Port 6 [Advanced] Qurupeco Chorus
Port 6 [Advanced] Lawless Ludroth
Port 6 [Advanced] Barroth Brigade
Port 6 [Advanced] Tale of Tails
Port 6 [Advanced] Today's Special
Port 6 [Advanced] Third Strike
Port 6 [Advanced] Beauty Kills
Port 6 [Advanced] Seeing Green
Port 6 [Advanced] Knight Fishing
Port 6 [Advanced] Forest Fracas
Port 6 [Advanced] Snow Stampede
Port 6 [Advanced] Shock Treatment
Port 6 [Advanced] Pack Mentality
Port 6 [Advanced] Silver Slayers
Port 6 [Advanced] Miracle Drug
Port 6 [Advanced] Troubling Tremors
Port 6 [Advanced] Noble Nuisance
Port 6 [Advanced] Peak Performers
Port 7 Harvest Tour: Volcano
Port 7 Ruler of Two Realms
Port 7 Silent but Deadly
Port 7 The Horned Wyvern
Port 7 Midnight Madness
Port 7 Desert Storm
Port 7 Desert Desertion
Port 7 Night Stalker
Port 7 The Fisherman's Fiend
Port 7 A Sea of Wyverns
Port 7 Souls of Darkness
Port 7 Echo Location
Port 7 Break the Brachydios
Port 7 Rathalos Alert
Port 7 Volcanic Activity
Port 7 Denizen of the Molten Deep
Port 7 The Thrill of the Hunt
Port 7 Ace in the Hole
Port 7 Azure Attack
Port 7 Hunting the Hunter
Port 7 Hungry Eyes
Port 7 Save the Princess!
Port 7 [Canteen] Cold Day in Hell
Port 7 [Advanced] Blue, Blue Skies
Port 7 [Advanced] Lagiacrus Alert
Port 7 [Advanced] Cloudless Thunder
Port 7 [Advanced] Triple Threat
Port 7 [Advanced] Duty's Call
Port 7 [Advanced] Rathalos Summit
Port 7 [Advanced] Tyrant Terror
Port 7 [Advanced] Death's Embrace
Port 7 [Advanced] Diablos Three
Port 7 [Advanced] Twister Trio
Port 7 [Advanced] Horn Hunter
Port 7 [Advanced] Plain Dangerous
Port 7 [Advanced] Crus Control
Port 7 [Advanced] Ivory Indignation
Port 7 [Advanced] Forest Folly
Port 7 [Advanced] Breaking the Ice
Port 7 [Advanced] White Noise
Port 7 [Advanced] Save the Tundra
Port 7 [Advanced] Hot Feet
Port 7 [Advanced] Nerves of Steel
Port 7 [Advanced] Crimson Crisis
Port 7 [Advanced] The Sea of Flame
Port 7 [Advanced] Feel the Heat
Port 7 [Advanced] A Burnt Offering
Port 7 [Advanced] Fate and Fire
Port 7 [Advanced] Power Couple
Port 7 [Advanced] Swift Shadows
Port 8 Hot and Bothered
Port 8 All-Terrain Terror
Port 8 Operation: Last Stand
Port 8 Tundra Trump Cards
Port 8 Mountain Massacre