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Grand Amagi Muneate

Chest armor made from Jhen Mohran parts. Its curves display both strength and beauty.


Type Gunner
Part Chest
Gender Female
Rarity 10
Slot <%armor.slot | slot%>
Defense 62 — 98
Fire<%armor.res_fire | point%>
Water<%armor.res_water | point%>
Ice<%armor.res_ice | point%>
Thunder<%armor.res_thunder | point%>
Dragon<%armor.res_dragon | point%>


Brutality <%armor.skilltrees[0].pivot.points | point%>
Reload Spd <%armor.skilltrees[1].pivot.points | point%>
Recoil <%armor.skilltrees[2].pivot.points | point%>
Loading <%armor.skilltrees[3].pivot.points | point%>
Pierce Up <%armor.skilltrees[4].pivot.points | point%>

Crafting Materials

Price: <%armor.price | zenny%>
Deific Fang 2
Mohran Rockskin 4
Lrg Elder Dragon Gem 1
At least 1 <%armor.items[0].local_name%> in inventory to unlock.