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Immenseness Ticket

Given to doers of great deeds at the Elder Hall. Redeem it at the Smithy.

Rarity 7
Carry 99
Sell <%item.sell | zenny%>
Buy < | zenny%>

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Where to find <%item.local_name%>


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Guild Quests

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Event 9 The Candle of Darkness 1 <%item.quests[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Event 8 Protector of Peace 1 <%item.quests[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Event 9 Metroid: Special Mission 1 <%item.quests[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Event 8 Taiko: Big Bellied Bruisers 1 <%item.quests[3].pivot.percentage | percentage%>


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Usages for <%item.local_name%>


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Great Sword Commemoration Sword <%item.weapons[0].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Long Sword Fan Club Bamboo Rod <%item.weapons[1].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Dual Blades dummy213 <%item.weapons[2].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Hammer Teddybear <%item.weapons[3].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
<%weapon.weapontype.local_name%> <%weapon.pivot.capacity%> Coating Ammo


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Head Chaoshroom 1
Head Velociprey Mask 1
Head Giaprey Mask 1
Head Genprey Mask 1
Head Mosswine Mask 2
Head Bulldrome Mask 2
Head False Felyne 1
Head Acorn Helm 1
Head Palico Bro 1


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