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M.Tigrex Trigger

A brawny, jet black claw. Marks from repeated blasts tell a disturbing history.

Rarity 8
Carry 99
Sell <%item.sell | zenny%>
Buy < | zenny%>

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<%skilltree.local_name%> <%skilltree.pivot.points | point%>
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Where to find <%item.local_name%>


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<%item.monsters[0].pivot.rank.local_name%> Molten Tigrex <%item.monsters[0].pivot.monsteritemmethod.local_name%> 1 <%item.monsters[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
<%item.monsters[1].pivot.rank.local_name%> Molten Tigrex <%item.monsters[1].pivot.monsteritemmethod.local_name%> 1 <%item.monsters[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Guild Quests

<%monster.pivot.level%> <%monster.pivot.quantity%> <%monster.pivot.percentage | percentage%>


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Guild 10 The Sky Is Falling 1 <%item.quests[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Guild 10 The Sky Is Falling 1 <%item.quests[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>


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Usages for <%item.local_name%>


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Sword Reigning Grissword <%item.weapons[0].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 3
Dual Blades Razor Grisclaws <%item.weapons[1].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
Hammer Wracking Grismace <%item.weapons[2].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 5
Hunting Horn Dancing Grisdrum <%item.weapons[3].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 3
Lance Ruthless Grislance <%item.weapons[4].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
Gunlance Hounding Grisgun <%item.weapons[5].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
Switch Axe Crazed Grisaxe <%item.weapons[6].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
Heavy Bowgun Livid Griscannon <%item.weapons[7].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
Bow Soaring Grisbow <%item.weapons[8].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 3
Great Sword dummy227 <%item.weapons[9].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 4
<%weapon.weapontype.local_name%> <%weapon.pivot.capacity%> Coating Ammo


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Chest Excello Mail Z 4
Legs Excello Greaves Z 4
Chest Excello Vest Z 4
Legs Excello Leggings Z 4
Legs Tempest Hakama 4
Legs Welkin Hakama 4


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