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Ukanlos Shoveljaw

Ukanlos's shovel-like jaw. Developed to shovel snow, one scoop can cause an avalanche

Rarity 6
Carry 99
Sell <%item.sell | zenny%>
Buy < | zenny%>

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Where to find <%item.local_name%>


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<%item.monsters[0].pivot.rank.local_name%> Ukanlos <%item.monsters[0].pivot.monsteritemmethod.local_name%> 1 <%item.monsters[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
<%item.monsters[1].pivot.rank.local_name%> Ukanlos <%item.monsters[1].pivot.monsteritemmethod.local_name%> 1 <%item.monsters[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Guild Quests

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Guild 7 Advanced: Glacial Grinder 1 <%item.quests[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Event 7 Bonus: Code White 1 <%item.quests[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Event 7 Bonus: Code White 1 <%item.quests[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>


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Usages for <%item.local_name%>


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Great Sword Ukanlos Destructor <%item.weapons[0].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 1
Long Sword Ukanlos Slicer <%item.weapons[1].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Dual Blades Ukanlos Ruinblades <%item.weapons[2].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Hunting Horn Ukanlos Horned Flute <%item.weapons[3].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 3
Gunlance Ukanlos Gunlance <%item.weapons[4].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Light Bowgun Ukanlos Flame Bow <%item.weapons[5].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 2
Bow Ukanlos Bow <%item.weapons[6].pivot.weaponcrafttype.local_name%> 3
<%weapon.weapontype.local_name%> <%weapon.pivot.capacity%> Coating Ammo


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Head Ukanlos Mask 2
Chest Ukanlos Aegis 3
Waist Ukanlos Cincture 1
Legs Ukanlos Hessian 2
Head Ukanlos Fangs 2
Chest Ukanlos Plate 3
Waist Ukanlos Sash 1
Legs Ukanlos Boots 2


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