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Nocturnal Commission Key

I wish to further fortify Dundorma against oncoming storms. Rathian materials should suffice -- proceed to the Dunes at night to find, and capture, the target. Best of luck to you!


Caravan 8
Goal Capture a Rathian
Sub Goal None
Type Special
HRP 540
Reward <%quest.reward | zenny%>
Fee <%quest.fee | zenny%>
Map Dunes (night)

Monster Appearances

No large monster appearances.


Main Reward A

Raw Meat 2 <%quest.items[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Mystery Bone 1 <%quest.items[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Worm 1 <%quest.items[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Whetstone 2 <%quest.items[3].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Power Nectar: Fire 1 <%quest.items[4].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Stam Nectar: Water 1 <%quest.items[5].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Main Reward B

Sub Reward