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Remobra Remedy Normal

Remobras are multiplying like rabbits on Heaven's Mount, and the villagers fear they shall turn their attention upon us soon. If only a brave hunter would cull their numbers...


Guild 3
Goal Slay 7 Remobras
Sub Goal None
Type Slaying
HRP 210
Reward <%quest.reward | zenny%>
Fee <%quest.fee | zenny%>
Map Heaven's Mount

Monster Appearances

No large monster appearances.

Main Reward A

Striped Skin 1 <%quest.items[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Remobra Hide 1 <%quest.items[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Bone Husk 10 <%quest.items[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Monster Bone M 2 <%quest.items[3].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Striped Skin 1 <%quest.items[4].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Monster Bone+ 1 <%quest.items[5].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Remobra Head 1 <%quest.items[6].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Main Reward B

Sub Reward