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Advanced: Pair of Kings Normal

My ongoing chess match with an old friend has taken an intense turn! My red army against his azure force... It's turning my wits black and blue. How do you fare in your match, by the by?


Guild 6
Goal Hunt a Rathalos and an Azure Rathalos
Sub Goal Sever the Azure Rathalos' tail
Type Hunting
HRP 1200
Reward <%quest.reward | zenny%>
Fee <%quest.fee | zenny%>
Map Volcanic Hollow

Monster Appearances

No large monster appearances.

Azure Rathalos

Main Reward A

Rathalos Carapace 1 <%quest.items[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Rathalos Scale+ 1 <%quest.items[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Rathalos Wing 1 <%quest.items[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Inferno Sac 1 <%quest.items[3].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Monster Hardbone 1 <%quest.items[4].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Rathalos Carapace 1 <%quest.items[5].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Wyvern Fang 5 <%quest.items[6].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Rath Medulla 1 <%quest.items[7].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Rathalos Ruby 1 <%quest.items[8].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Main Reward B

Sub Reward