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A Winning Combination Key

Huntin' and hurtin' go hand in hand. But after a scratch or two, you'll wish ya knew how to combine so you could craft up a potion. Fetch me a Mega Potion, tenderfoot. It'll be a good refresher.


Caravan 1
Goal Deliver 1 Mega Potion
Sub Goal Slay 3 Jaggi
Type Gathering
HRP 30
Reward <%quest.reward | zenny%>
Fee <%quest.fee | zenny%>
Map Ancestral Steppe

Monster Appearances

No large monster appearances.

Main Reward A

Mega Potion 1 <%quest.items[0].pivot.percentage | percentage%>

Main Reward B

Sub Reward

Jaggi Hide 1 <%quest.items[1].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Bird Wyvern Fang 2 <%quest.items[2].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Monster Bone S 1 <%quest.items[3].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Jaggi Scale 1 <%quest.items[4].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Jaggi Hide 2 <%quest.items[5].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Bird Wyvern Fang 4 <%quest.items[6].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Jaggi Scale 2 <%quest.items[7].pivot.percentage | percentage%>
Jaggi Hide 1 <%quest.items[8].pivot.percentage | percentage%>