Rusted Fragment Dung All
Large Fragment Catalyst All
Slender Fragment Scatterfish All
Long Fragment Wyvern Claw All
Bindshroom Dung All
Humspun Conch Shock Trap All
Bumblepumpkin Pitfall Trap All
Chum-Chum Ticket Felvine Bomb All
Lion's Claw Energy Drink All
Pirate J Ticket Health Horn All
Armament Invitation Demondrug All
Shadowed Edge Armorskin All
Flashbolt Diploma Dash Juice All
Medal Voucher L Barrel Bomb L All
Exquisite Meat Poison Smoke Bmb All
Top Secret Formula Max Potion All
Swordmaster's Scroll Armorskin All
Medal Voucher G Flash Bomb All
Thunderclap Diploma Shock Trap All
Soul of Sgt. Frog Sonic Bomb All
The King's Proof Demondrug All
Far East Sword Sonic Bomb All
Hades's Skull Lifepowder All
Fierce Soul Mega Armorskin All
Training Corps Pass Mega Demondrug All
Miniature Ticket Immunizer All
Captain's IOU Steel Egg All
Sparkly Fragment Steel Egg All
Crown of Glory Mega Nutrients All
Nothing First-aid Med Deserted Island
Nothing Fishing Harpoon Deserted Island
Nothing Psychoserum Deserted Island
Nothing Tuna Bait Deserted Island
Nothing Felvine Bomb Deserted Island
Nothing Whetfish Bait Deserted Island
Nothing Poison Smoke Bmb Deserted Island
Nothing Bug Net Deserted Island
Nothing Goldenfish Bait Deserted Island
Nothing Might Pill Deserted Island
Nothing Adamant Pill Deserted Island
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Deserted Island
Unique Mushroom Fishing Harpoon Deserted Island
Choice Mushroom Iron Pickaxe Deserted Island
Ripened Mushroom Mega Harpoon Deserted Island
Small Goldenfish Farcaster Deserted Island
Goldenfish EZ Shock Trap Deserted Island
Red Coral Stone Bug Net Deserted Island
Wyvern Egg Dash Juice Deserted Island
Monster Guts First-aid Med Deserted Island
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion Deserted Island
VE Ticket Lifecrystals Deserted Island
VE Deluxe Ticket Lifepowder Deserted Island
VE Bronze Ticket Rathian Spike Deserted Island
VE Silver Ticket Rathalos Plate Deserted Island
VE Golden Ticket Rathalos Ruby Deserted Island
VE Cosmic Ticket Rathalos Mantle Deserted Island
Nothing First-aid Med Sandy Plains
Nothing Ration Sandy Plains
Nothing Psychoserum Sandy Plains
Nothing Tuna Bait Sandy Plains
Nothing Felvine Bomb Sandy Plains
Nothing Cleanser Sandy Plains
Nothing Iron Pickaxe Sandy Plains
Nothing Bug Net Sandy Plains
Nothing Goldenfish Bait Sandy Plains
Nothing Might Pill Sandy Plains
Nothing Adamant Pill Sandy Plains
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Sandy Plains
Crystal Bone Hot Drink Sandy Plains
Golden Bone Sonic Bomb Sandy Plains
Monster Guts Cool Drink Sandy Plains
Herbivore Egg Dash Juice Sandy Plains
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion Sandy Plains
VE Ticket Demondrug Sandy Plains
VE Deluxe Ticket Mega Demondrug Sandy Plains
VE Bronze Ticket Nibelsnarf Scalp Sandy Plains
VE Silver Ticket Rathian Plate Sandy Plains
VE Golden Ticket Rathian Ruby Sandy Plains
VE Cosmic Ticket Rathian Mantle Sandy Plains
Nothing First-aid Med Flooded Forest
Nothing Fishing Harpoon Flooded Forest
Nothing Psychoserum Flooded Forest
Nothing Tuna Bait Flooded Forest
Nothing Felvine Bomb Flooded Forest
Nothing Frog Flooded Forest
Nothing Poison Smoke Bmb Flooded Forest
Nothing Bug Net Flooded Forest
Nothing Goldenfish Bait Flooded Forest
Nothing Might Pill Flooded Forest
Nothing Adamant Pill Flooded Forest
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Flooded Forest
Royal Rhino Psychoserum Flooded Forest
Small Goldenfish Farcaster Flooded Forest
Goldenfish EZ Shock Trap Flooded Forest
Monster Guts Ration Flooded Forest
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion Flooded Forest
VE Ticket Nutrients Flooded Forest
VE Deluxe Ticket Mega Nutrients Flooded Forest
VE Bronze Ticket R.Ludroth Crest Flooded Forest
VE Silver Ticket Duram Tailbone Flooded Forest
VE Golden Ticket Duram Sacrum Flooded Forest
VE Cosmic Ticket Durambolite Flooded Forest
Nothing Ration Tundra
Nothing Antidote Tundra
Nothing Psychoserum Tundra
Nothing Burst Bait Tundra
Nothing Felvine Bomb Tundra
Nothing Well-done Steak Tundra
Nothing Cleanser Tundra
Nothing Hot Drink Tundra
Nothing Might Pill Tundra
Nothing Adamant Pill Tundra
Nothing Mega Pickaxe Tundra
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Tundra
Bloodstone Ration Tundra
Popo Tongue Hot Drink Tundra
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion Tundra
VE Ticket Armorskin Tundra
VE Deluxe Ticket Mega Armorskin Tundra
VE Bronze Ticket Gigginox Claw Tundra
VE Silver Ticket Barioth Spike Tundra
VE Golden Ticket Brachydios Gem Tundra
VE Cosmic Ticket Brach Pallium Tundra
Nothing First-aid Med Volcano
Nothing Psychoserum Volcano
Nothing Whetstone Volcano
Nothing Tuna Bait Volcano
Nothing Felvine Bomb Volcano
Nothing Immunizer Volcano
Nothing Cool Drink Volcano
Nothing Iron Pickaxe Volcano
Nothing Might Pill Volcano
Nothing Adamant Pill Volcano
Nothing Mega Pickaxe Volcano
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Volcano
Powderstone Cool Drink Volcano
Wyvern Tear Mega Pickaxe Volcano
VE Ticket Max Potion Volcano
VE Deluxe Ticket Ancient Potion Volcano
VE Bronze Ticket Volvi Rickrack Volcano
VE Silver Ticket Uragaan Marrow Volcano
VE Golden Ticket Uragaan Ruby Volcano
VE Cosmic Ticket Uragaan Pallium Volcano
Nothing First-aid Med Misty Peaks
Nothing Ration Misty Peaks
Nothing Psychoserum Misty Peaks
Nothing Whetstone Misty Peaks
Nothing Felvine Bomb Misty Peaks
Nothing Goldenfish Bait Misty Peaks
Nothing Immunizer Misty Peaks
Nothing Bug Net Misty Peaks
Nothing Might Pill Misty Peaks
Nothing Adamant Pill Misty Peaks
Nothing Mega Pickaxe Misty Peaks
Nothing EZ Shock Trap Misty Peaks
Unique Mushroom Iron Pickaxe Misty Peaks
Royal Honey Mega Fishing Fly Misty Peaks
Royal Rhino Flash Bomb Misty Peaks
Small Goldenfish EZ Shock Trap Misty Peaks
Goldenfish Bug Net Misty Peaks
Gargwa Egg Jumbo Pearl Misty Peaks
Gold Gargwa Egg Wonderful Beak Misty Peaks
Wyvern Egg Dash Juice Misty Peaks
Choice Mushroom Catalyst Misty Peaks
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion Misty Peaks
VE Ticket Dash Juice Misty Peaks
VE Deluxe Ticket Mega Dash Juice Misty Peaks
VE Bronze Ticket Flintstone Misty Peaks
VE Silver Ticket Vivid Feather Misty Peaks
VE Golden Ticket Zinogre Jasper Misty Peaks
VE Cosmic Ticket Zin Skymerald Misty Peaks