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Movie Description
Opening Movie 2 The second Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate opening movie.
MH4 Concept Video The first concept video shown for Monster Hunter 4.
MH4 Promo Video 1 A promotional video for Monster Hunter 4.
MH4 Promo Video 2 A promotional video for Monster Hunter 4.
The Sandsea Ferry While crossing the Great Desert on a ferry bound for Val Habar, the hunter meets a man in a hat...
A Fated Encounter A Remobra swarm acts as a belated warning before the furious Dah'ren Mohran bursts out of the sands.
Desertropolis The hunter helps drive the Dah'ren Mohran away from Val Habar and formally meets the man in the hat.
Gentle Herbivore The wary Aptonoth flees whenever its herbivore brethren are hurt or a large monster looms near.
The Honey Hunt While gathering Honey, a precious resource, the hunter is confronted by a group of small carnivores.
Guildmarm Issues The Guildmarm tries to lower the Quest Board for the new hunter, but can't reach the latch.
Rolling Shield An orb careens toward the hunter; it turns out to be the brightly-colored Konchu.
The Gargwa Egg Ah, the Gargwa! Startling this oft-domesticated animal from behind sometimes causes it to lay an egg.
Leader of the Pack Surrounded, the hunter leaps onto a Great Jaggi's back to stop it from giving its pack orders.
Nimble Drone A Seltas rockets toward the hunter and rubs its long, able forelegs together threateningly.
A Happy Customer The Ace Cadet looks mighty pleased with the Smithy's work after upgrading his trusty Sword & Shield.
Indigo Hunters A pack of Velociprey begin their skillful hunt under the command of a larger Velocidrome.
Meowthwatering Smiling customers are never far from the piping hot, steaming wok the Street Cook is famous for.
Enter the Kut-Ku A Yian Kut-Ku swoops down for its favorite meal: some Konchu, who try in vain to defend themselves.
The Sly Acrobat An acrobatic Kecha Wacha trifles with the hunter as it uses its long nails to traverse the vines.
Happy to Transact Lively chatter and rare wares draw folks to the Wyporium, where the Wycoon will multiply your items.
Caravan Departure With practiced swiftness, the Caravan and its new members leave Val Habar and strike out for Harth.
Ravager Revealed As Jaggi close in, a lone shape devours them whole: a Tetsucabra, the scourge of the Sunken Hollow.
Claustro-Panic A Gypceros attacks inside a cramped cavern and falls from the ceiling. But when the hunter approaches...
Paralyzing Fangs A Gendrome pins the hunter. Surrounded by the pack, prey are paralyzed and then devoured.
The Ace Hunters Back in Harth, the hunter finds the Ace Hunters making final preparations before a crucial mission.
Lurking Assassin The Nerscylla darts freely across its web and uses its sticky strands to trap and poison its prey.
The Arluq As fire returns to Harth, the villagers work to build a sturdy ship shaped like a whale.
Stormy Departure The Caravan leaves Harth aboard the Arluq. But when a storm hits, a shadow appears in the maelstrom.
Rescue at Sea A moment after the hunter repels Gore Magala, it strikes back! Just then, the Ace Hunters sail in.
Pali-code Red! The Headwhiskress and I were talking when an SOS arrow flew in, meow! Naturally, I caught it.
Living Arrows Even the giant Popo is not safe from the Zamtrios's fry, which sink into prey and devour from within.
Uninvited Guest The Wild Palicoes face a Congalala, which gobbles up everything with one end and farts with the other.
The Aces Depart The Ace Hunters embark on their mission as the Caravaneer sees them off with a warm farewell smile.
Pali-code Red?! The Headwhiskress and I were talking when an SOS arrow flew in, meow! Did I catch it? Well...
Predator Below The hunter comes to the Meownster Hunters' rescue and faces off against the ice-clad Zamtrios.
Fatal Flurry A slippery Lagombi jumps out from behind a boulder of snow, ready to challenge the hunter.
Ready to Rock While exploring the Everwood's cliffsides, the hunter leaps onto what looks like a rock pile...
The White Shadow Sensing danger, the hunter looks around to no avail. But then a sinister shadow creeps in from behind...
Queen's Treasure A Rathian falls asleep next to her eggs. Will the hunter be able to make off with the queen's treasure?
Resounding Peril The Najarala uses its resonators to deafen the hunter and then approach its prey unheard.
Hail to the Queen When the hunter cuts short the Queen of the Land's quiet meal in the Primal Forest, her temper flares.
Aces in Danger The hunter and Ace Palico face Gore Magala to buy time for the Ace Cadet and wounded Lancer to escape.
Dressed in Black Its rock-like skin pocked from the Frenzy, the fell wyvern alights in front of the hunter.
A Hero's Return The hunter returns from the clash with Gore Magara to a Hall full of joyous, relieved faces.
Toxic Presence A pack of crimson Ioprey make deft use of their poison to hunt prey. Among them is a larger Iodrome.
Fired Up A blast of heat just misses the hunter as a heavily-armored Gravios emerges from the magma.
The Arluq's Wings By working together, the group has turned the Arluq into a handsome airship. They look on with pride.
Skyward Bound The Arluq carries the Caravan above the clouds, where Cathar awaits them nestled among high peaks.
Anathema If the Konchu runs from the Yian Kut-Ku, then what does the Yian Kut-Ku run from?
Spreading Menace A Congalala attacks a pack of Ioprey, its eyes smoldering with a sinister haze when they meet the hunter's.
Mutation Deep within Heaven's Mount, an unlucky creature witnesses the fallen Gore Magala's transformation...
Terrible Couple The Seltas Queen and her drone counterpart are ready to show the hunter their true, combined power.
King's Bounty The hunter is raiding a Rathalos nest for an egg when the Lord of the Skies returns from his own hunt.
Zinogre Battle The proud Zinogre shows no mercy to those who invade its turf. A fierce hunt is about to begin.
Mealtime A Tigrex begrudgingly puts the carcass it was chewing at aside when it spies a loathsome hunter.
Premonition An ominous wind is blowing on the peak -- a sign that the return of an ancient calamity is nigh...
Hunter and Hunted A Tigrex is chasing Popo through the snow when the hunter arrives, and a fierce battle for survival begins.
Heaven's Wheel Free of its black mantle, the shining Shagaru Magala has crossed time's endless skies to return home.
Legacies Clear skies bring smiles to the people. The hunter returns to Val Habar where the Caravaneer awaits.
Flash of White Lithe and mantled in pale light, the Kirin arrests beholders with its beauty and its bolts of white.
Blasting Brawler The Brachydios hits with well-developed forelegs and saliva that turns from green to red and explodes.
Living Battleship A giant elder dragon rises from the sand to meet the hunter's Dragonship. Will glory be had today?
Teostra Awakens A Teostra rules the Volcanic Hollow, ready to send any who disturb its sleep to the inferno.
Self-styled Ruler An Akantor bursts from the earth in a spray of magma. Its roar shakes the air and rends the earth.
Wings of Steel With the very weather at its mercy, the Kushala Daora strikes the Frozen Seaway like an ice storm.
Amber Rainstorm Hulking yet nimble, the vicious Rajang tosses larger creature bits about without breaking a sweat.
Speartip Menace So great are the creature and its myriad blades that the eyes cannot take it all in. It IS the peak itself.
Prosperity's Bane The legendary Fatalis makes its home in the broken castle it plunged into death and ruin.
Precipitous End Crimson doom rises to the heavens and rains fiery meteors on those below. Has fate abandoned you?
Lingering Winds The winds that graze the Ancestral Steppe's golden fields have seen whole cultures rise and fall.
Buried Wonders The Sunken Hollow hides more within its endless abyss than the naked eye can ever hope to survey.
The Fog of Time The lush lakesides of the Primal Forest serve as a cradle of life, nurturing many an ancient dream.
Silent Waves The tide holds its pose in the Frozen Seaway. Amidst its white whisper await hungry but patient fangs.
World of Crimson Lava made the Volcanic Hollow and smoke clogs it; its fierce, hardy dwellers keep intruders away.
Heaven's Doorstep A dry wind flays the sharp peaks of Heaven's Mount; sheer cliffs and falling rock tell its dire story.
Opening Movie 1 The first Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate opening movie.
A New Adventure The group gets news from the Caravaneer. They arrive at their next destination, Dundorma.
Desert Lurker A single horn protrudes through the sand. The hunter gets too close and awakens the Daimyo.
Deadly Sandstorm Sand-swimming foes close in on the hunter from all directions. A Cephadrome appears in a storm of sand.
Solitary Spire During a hunt, a Monoblos interferes. A fierce battle between the hunter and the Monoblos ensues.
A Stormy Encounter Kushala Daora appears in the storm. At the sight of it, the Ace Commander is reminded of the past.
Research Begins The long-awaited research assistant finally arrives. Research on the Frenzy goes into full swing.
Trespasser The hunter carefully approaches a Rathian, but an unfamiliar beast chases it away.
Golden Predator A Seregios swoops down and attacks unsuspecting Genprey. Its golden scales shimmer in the moonlight.
Seregios Rampage The volcano-dwelling Azure Rathalos is attacked by a vicious Seregios. Its rage knows no bounds.
The Demolisher The weapon is finally complete. Everyone revels at its magnificence.
The Root of Disaster Packs of Seregios appear throughout the land. The Ace Lancer is sent to investigate the Everwood.
Decisive Battle The horn warns of Kushala Daora's impending attack. The Ace Hunters head out to intercept the monster.
Ominous Scales A Seregios falls in front of the hunter's eyes. Its slayer rattles its blade- like scales.
Resisting the Storm The Ace Hunters put up a fight against Kushala Daora's attacks. The hunter joins the fray.
Ace Teamwork The Ace Hunters look out for each other and put an end to the battle with Kushala Daora.
A Will Entrusted A master passes a memento to his apprentice and leaves Dundorma behind him. (MH4U Credits)
Hunters, Assemble! Hunters gather for another day and prepare to depart on a new hunt. (MH4U clear movie)
Diablos Duel The quick-tempered Diablos clash their horns in a fight over territory. The victor roars as the loser flees.
Invisible Enemy A master of camouflage stalks its prey in the Everwood. The hunter barely escapes its jaws.
Blizzard Shadow The hunter hears an eerie sound through the freezing winds. A massive shadow draws near.
The Shah Awakens A Dalamadur sheds its old skin and becomes a Shah Dalamadur, its red eyes fixed on its prey.
Giant Spear A towering monster appears. A giant spear protrudes from its back and its entire body is covered in thick tar.
Battle in the Fire The crimson beast awakens from a long slumber. Tendrils of fire scorch the earth and turn all in their path to ash.
Gale Force The blizzard's violent winds obstruct the hunter's vision. Amidst the white wind, Kushala Daora appears.
Scorching Desert The blazing sun scorches the desert below. The heat feels as if it drains life with each step.
Moonlit Desert The moonlight shows the desert's calmer side. Hot winds of the day turn bitterly cold at night.
Stronghold The lively city is transformed into a fortress, ready to defend against any monster that threatens its peace.
MH4U Promo Video A promotional video for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
Divine Eclipse In its divine radiance, the brilliant white beast descends from the heavens above.

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